Books By Michael Dunn

ANYWHERE BUT SCHUYLKILL is the first of three books by Michael Dunn in his Great Upheaval trilogy. It is story of a teenage boy, Mike Doyle, struggling to free his family from the violence of their greedy, hard drinking Uncle Sean.

The time is 1870s. The Long Depression is raging. Children are dying of hunger. The Reading Railroad has hired Pinkerton spies to infiltrate the miners’ union. And there is a sectarian war between the Modocs, a Welsh gang, and the Kohinoor Boys, an Irish gang. But Mike has a plan. It’s risky. It involves collaboration with the Kohinoor Boys. He could wind up in jail, or worse.

ANYWHERE BUT SCHUYLKILL is Michael Dunn’s first complete novel. To purchase it now please click here

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Red Hot Summer in the Smoky City

Other books by Michael Dunn are currently in the works, such as RED HOT SUMMER IN THE SMOKY CITY, the second book of his Great Upheaval trilogy.

Red Hot Summer is about Tara Doyle, Mike’s kid sister. She hops freights with her boyfriend, Poet Mullhall, traveling through the coal patch towns of eastern Pennsylvania, in the wake of the Molly Maguire hangings, in 1877.

The Long Depression is still raging and work is difficult to come by. So, they support themselves by selling broadsides of the songs they have composed about the Molly Maguire martyrs. It’s a precarious existence. The miners love their music, but have little money. Most nights, Tara and Poet go to sleep hungry, in barns or in bushes, occasionally in boxcars, hoping for a change in their fortune.

And then they meet a hobo who has been fired by the B&O Railroad. He tells them something’s stirring in the workers, something powerful and unstoppable, and if they want to be a part of it, Pittsburgh is the place to be.